My collaborative counseling style focuses on your strengths.

Finding Center Counseling provides a strengths-based approach to counseling that empowers you to explore, integrate, and grow. My collaborative approach encourages this transformational growth by offering safe space to explore all aspects of who you are with total acceptance and neutrality – the emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and sexual.

How can I support you today?

Individual Teen/Twenties Counseling

I would be honored to help you navigate life’s challenges as they arise and assist you in exploring your internal and external worlds. I will also invite you be open, attentive and curious about what arises in our conversations together!

Parent Support

Wherever you are along your parenting journey, I would be honored to offer support. I can offer support and guidance through your  time of transition, welcoming a new child into your family, cultivating a safe home environment, or giving you tools for parenting a child with special needs.

Couples Counseling for Parents

The transformative experience of parenthood is a beautiful opportunity to grow closer as a couple. It would be my joy to support you and your partner in your experience of parenthood as you rediscover your identity and your intimacy together.

Hello! I’m Jennifer Given-Helms.

{ she/her/hers pronouns }

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

I offer holistic family support and specialize in working with teens and young adults. Offering a safe space to talk about changes and challenges, I facilitate open and candid conversations. Common topics include sex-posivity and the interwoven relationship with self, how to advocate for ourselves in challenging situations, and self-compassion work.


When difficulty or pain arises in this exploration process, I am always ready to give my client tools and somatic practices to support the healthy integration of growth and self-discovery. Life brings us constant change and challenge. Sometimes we need help finding our center in the midst of it all. When the challenges are feeling overwhelming, it is helpful to meet with a mental health counselor for support and assistance.

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Parenting Support

Sex Ed & Fear

Maybe you remember that graphic video shown in your health class, the one that seemed meant to scare you away from all things that might lead to baby making? U.S. current practices in health/sex education classes are often fear based. And as a 15 year-old client of mine said recently, “That just doesn’t work!”

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Parenting Support

What the WHO has to say about Sex Ed

“Sexuality may thus be understood as a core dimension of being human which includes: the understanding of, and relationship to, the human body; emotional attachment and love; sex; gender; gender identity; sexual orientation; sexual intimacy; pleasure and reproduction. Sexuality is complex and includes biological, social, psychological, spiritual, religious, political, legal, historic, ethical and cultural dimensions that evolve over a lifespan.”

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